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Lenovo Flex System FC3171 8Gb SAN Pass-thru

The FC3171 8 Gb SAN pass-thru module provides a fully interoperable solution that can integrate Fibre Channel initiators with any existing external fabric.

The FC3171 pass-thru module operates in transparent mode and uses industry-standard Node port ID virtualization (NPIV) technology to present initiators directly to the external fabric, without using Expansion port (E_port) or consuming a Fibre Channel domain ID. In transparent mode, the external fabric management is not affected by the FC3171 pass-thru module, so administrative complexity and cost is eliminated. The FC3171 pass-thru module provides twenty 8/4 Gb Fibre channel ports that are configured as fourteen internal ports and six external ports.

The following documentation is available for this pass-thru module: