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Rear Door Heat eXchanger V2

The heat exchanger is an optional, water-cooled door that you can mount on the rear of the 42U 1100 mm Enterprise V2 Dynamic Rack to eliminate the heat exhaust that is produced by the devices in the rack.

The Rear Door Heat eXchanger V2 has the following features:

  • Removes up to 100 000 Btu per hour (or approximately 30 000 watts) of heat from the data center
  • Reduces data center cooling costs
  • Dissipates the heat from the back of the rack to reduce overall room temperature
  • Swings open to provide access to a limited number of devices and for service
  • Works with chilled water
  • Requires no power or control systems
  • Provides methods to adjust the water temperature and flow rate
  • Contains no moving components

The following documentation is available for this feature:

Installation and Maintenance Guide