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Lenovo RackSwitch G8124-E

Lenovo RackSwitch G8124-E

The Lenovo RackSwitch G8124-E is an ultra low-latency, high-performance 10 Gb top-of-rack switch.

The G8124-E is a 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) switch specifically designed for the data center, providing a virtualized, cooler and easier network solution. The G8124-E offers twenty-four 10 GbE ports in a high-density, 1U footprint.

The G8124-E is virtualized - supports Virtual Fabric, which allows for the carving up of a physical NIC into 2 - 8 virtual NICs (vNICs) for improved performance, availability and security, while reducing cost and complexity.

The G8124-E is easier - with server-oriented provisioning via point-and-click management interfaces. Take advantage of the economy and performance of lossless Ethernet, which can eliminate packet drops for significantly improved performance, reliability and predictability. The G8124-E can help your data center evolve to a higher level, helping you consolidate network and storage networks into a single fabric. You can achieve lower costs, simplify management and attain higher performance with better bandwidth utilization and the flexibility you need to meet tomorrow’s needs. Converged enhanced Ethernet can help deliver value for your iSCSI, NAS and FCoE enterprise storage environments.

The following documentation is available for this RackSwitch:

Lenovo Enterprise Network Operating System 8.4

Lenovo Network Operating System 8.3