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Lenovo Flex System Fabric EN4093 and EN4093R 10Gb Scalable Switches

The EN4093 and EN4093R 10 Gb scalable switches provide flexible, reliable, and high-performance features that meet the demands of today's highly virtualized environments.

The base models of these scalable switches provide fourteen 10 Gb internal ports and ten 10 Gb external ports. With the optional licensing for pay-as-you-grow scalability, you easily and cost-effectively can scale these switches to provide up to forty two 10 Gb internal ports, plus fourteen 10 Gb and two 40 Gb external ports. These Fabric switches provide industry-leading performance to support traffic growth and increased requirements for virtualized workloads.

Additional supported capabilities and features of these switches include the following:

  • Internal port IEEE 802.3ap Clause 73 1 Gb/10 Gb autonegotiation and parallel detection for Wake on LAN (WoL) support
  • Ethernet stacking capability on either the 40 Gb or 10 Gb ports
  • Ethernet and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) stacking capability for the EN4093R switch
  • Virtual Fabric Adapter (vNIC and UFP) support
  • Configuration of QSFP ports for four 10 Gb or one 40 Gb operation
  • Features on Demand upgrades are available for the base configurations (fourteen 10 Gb internal ports and ten 10 Gb external ports) as follows:
    • Upgrade 1 turns on an additional fourteen 10 Gb internal ports and two 40 Gb external ports
    • Upgrade 2 turns on an additional fourteen 10 Gb internal ports and four 10 Gb external ports
  • IPv6 functionality with USGv6 certification

The following documentation is available for this switch:

Network Operating System 8.4:

Network Operating System 8.3:

Network Operating System 8.2:

Network Operating System 7.8:

Network Operating System 7.7:

Network Operating System 7.5:

Network Operating System 7.2: