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Emulex VFA5.2 2x10 GbE SFP+ Adapter and FCoE/iSCSI SW

The Emulex VFA5.2 2x10 10GbE SFP+ Adapter builds on the foundation of the previous generation of Emulex VFA5 adapters by delivering performance enhancements, including RoCE v2 support and management enhancements with improved support for Lenovo XClarity. These new features help reduce complexity, reduce cost, and improve performance with Lenovo servers.

Graphic of the adapter


The first time that you install the Emulex VFA5.2 2x10 10GbE SFP+ Adapter in a ThinkSystem server, you must update the firmware for the adapter to a level that is supported by ThinkSystem servers. The first time that you update the firmware, you might need to follow the procedures listed here:

Updating adapter firmware

After the initial firmware update, you can use normal firmware update procedures for future updates.

More information about the adapter is available at the following site:

Lenovo Press