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Flex System network adapters

A variety of network adapters are available for use with the Flex System compute nodes and network switches.

You can install Ethernet or Fibre Channel network adapters in the compute nodes. If you need to verify that an adapter is compatible with the compute node, go to the Lenovo ServerProven website.

Important: The network adapters in the compute nodes also must be compatible with the network switches in the chassis.

📄️ Flex System FC3172 2-port 8Gb FC Adapter

The FC3172 Fibre Channel adapter provides Lenovo X Architecture and IBM Power Systems compute nodes with high-speed access to a Fibre Channel storage area network (SAN). This 2-port 8 Gb adapter is based on the Qlogic 8 Gb Fibre Channel ASIC, and it uses industry-proven technology to provide high-speed, reliable access to SAN connected storage. The two ports enable redundant connections to the SAN, which can increase reliability and reduce downtime.