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ThinkSystem SR630 V2 2x2.5" NVMe Rear Drive Kit

The option package contains the following items.

ThinkSystem 1U Rear 2 x 2.5" NVMe Backplane option kit

1 2.5" NVMe 2-bay rear backplane (1)

2 1U rear NVMe 2 x 2.5" HDD cage (1)

3 1x1 2.5" drive filler (2)

4 On-board NVMe cable to rear 2 x 2.5" NVMe backplane, signal cable (1)

5 Riser 1 to rear HDD backplane (NVMe), power cable (1)

6 Drive sequence label (1)

For information about installing the option product, refer to the Setup Guide for your server. The most up-to-date Setup Guide is always available for download at

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